Value of a Great Countertop
Did you always covet that beautiful granite countertop that your neighbor has? Is the marble countertop at the doctor's reception desk just to die for? Do the vibrant colors of the showroom countertops seem magical? Well, then here is the good news. You can also have that dream countertop for your own, no matter what the project may be, just by talking to the right people.
Getting to Know the Countertop
Naturally, most consumers are not fully educated with regards to specialty products such as countertops. It is difficult and time consuming for them to find out what the difference between all the materials are, what the process is involved in creation and installation of a countertop is, and any other question that may arise.
Simplified Professionalism
VisCoTECH makes it easier for the clients by only dealing with quality products that have been tried and tested in the industry over the ages. For example, VisCoTECH's flagship line of product are the DuPont Corian countertops which have revolutionized the countertop industry since inception. The durability, being virtually maintenance free, and the customizable nature has made the DuPont Corian countertop a popular choice among consumers and contractors.
The Power of Choice
Currently, there are over 130 different color and pattern variations in the DuPont Corian line, and this number is constantly growing. This enormous variation is unmatched by anyone in the industry and allows the Corian countertops to be integrated into virtually any project's design that requires a countertop. Being able to choose exactly what you want, rather than settling for inconsistent designs & colors that natural stones suffer from, makes Corian the perfect material that seamlessly integrates to your specific needs.
Looking Ahead
Corian is actually a popular choice for even those who initially opted for a granite or a marble countertop due to its consistent and customizable nature. You can choose the exact color that you want, instead of being limited to the natural occurring stone colors which offer very little choice. Choosing Corian also means that you can freely add-on or upgrade later on, without having to worry about matching the old & new countertops together. Natural stones are too random to offer you a perfectly matching set down the road but with Corian, there is no need to worry about such issues.
A Tested Professional in the Industry
Having over 35 years of experience in the industry, VisCoTECH truly understands the needs of the consumers and are actively researching on their own to find the absolute best product that the clients can benefit from. For all your countertop needs, please visit the VisCoTECH website today. You will be able to view the list of products & manufacturers that VisCoTECH promotes and will also be able to look at sample installations to aids you in your own projects. You can also learn more about VisCoTECH's past projects such as the Toronto Pearson International Airport, Air Canada Centre and the Trillium Hospital to see how reliable and renowned their services are around the Greater Toronto Area.
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